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sobe direct wholesale dropship vaporizers 


At SoBe Vaporizers, we understand the changing landscape of the wholesale vaporizer market. In the rapidly developing world of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers we provide you access to some of the industry's best known brands including VaporX, Krave, Atmos, and XXX Vapor. Our wholesale vaporizer website allows customers easy online ordering at their price teir. This easy ordering system is constantly updated with the newest products available from our manufacturer's so you are sure to stay ahead of the competition!


sobe vaporizers brand wholesale vaporizers dropshipSoBe Vaporizers is a authorized master distributor for VaporX, Krave, Atmos Rx and XXX Vapor. We ship internationally and can help new importers find the laws and regulations regarding importation of vaporizers and eliquids in their country. As the vaporizer market evolves counties are adopting new regulation to tax and restrict importation various product associated with ecigarettes and vaporizers. Staying ahead of these regulation is key to the success of your business.


The ecigarette and vaporizer market has evolved rapidly and stocking the latest and greatest from our vendors may not always be feasible. That is why we offer an easy drop ship program which includes all the items in our manufacturers catalog. Many of competitors who also drop ship vaporizers only offer the small subset of their manufacturers catalog. At SoBe Vaporizers you have access to our manufacturers entire product line so you can effectively monetize your website traffic. To find out more about our wholesale dropship program visit our dropship website at


Scale and Capacity

With a close relationships with 2 of the top of e-cigarettes and portable vaporizer manufacturers, we have the capacity and scale to fill the demand of any size account. Whether you are an independent retail location looking to experiment in the market or a multi-national brand looking for large scale distribution we have the capacity to fill your need. With a private label program also available for a minimum order quantity we can help you jump start your own brand without worrying about compliance and logistics. Contact us today for a quote on your requirements. 




SoBeDIRECT Distributors

SoBeDirect is our wholly owned wholesale subsidiary. SoBeDIRECT handles all aspects of wholesale sales and logistics. To learn more about SobeDIRECT Distributors visit our website at



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