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wholesale electronic cigarettes and vaporizers


At SoBe Vaporizers, we have set the standard for electronic cigarettes in the US and abroad. Currently our wholesale program includes the industry leading the Vapor-Corp product line, including the popular Krave brand is distributed at thousands of retail locations across the US. Statistics recently compiled by Wells Fargo industry analysts ranked Vapor-Corp as the number 2 supplier with 16% market share. While other companies rushed to the wholesale market in the early days, we focused on engineering a top-rated product that meets the highest standard in performance, visual appearance and value. We are heavily committed to investing in Research & Development to ensure that Vapor Corp remains the leading and most trusted brand in the industry. As a wholesale distributor you can be confident that you will be supplying a safe, consistent and desirable product everyday. With wholesale accounts starting at a minimum $500 purchase the entry into the exploding e-cigarette industry has never been easier. Contact us today to learn more about selling electronic cigarettes and vaporizers through your business. 


Scale and Capacity

With a close relationships with the number 2 supplier of e-cigarettes and portable vaporizers, we have the capacity and scale to fill the demand of any size account. Whether you are an independent retail location looking to experiment in the market or a multi-national brand looking for large scale distribution we have the capacity to fill your need. With a private label program also available for a minium order quantity we can help you jump start your own brand without worrying about compliance and logistics. Contact us today for a quote on your requirements. 







Worldwide Vapor Distributors

wwVapor Distributors is our wholly owned wholesale subsidiary. wwVapor handles all aspects of wholesale sales and logistics. To learn more about WorldWide Vapor Distributors visit our website at



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