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vaporx eliquid vaporizer pen XPS Ejuice starter kit menthol

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  • vaporx eliquid vaporizer pen XPS Ejuice starter kit tobacco
  • vaporx eliquid vaporizer pen XPS Ejuice starter kit menthol
  • vaporx eliquid vaporizer pen XPS Ejuice starter kit menthol
  • vaporx eliquid vaporizer pen XPS Ejuice starter kit menthol

VaporX XPS E-Liquid Vaporizer

Available in Tobacco & Menthol

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eliquid Vaporizer


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  • The VaporX XPS electronic personal portable vaporizer is the ideal accessory for all your smoking urges! Enjoy your favorite flavored e-juice without the second hand smoke, flame, ash or odors! The XPS vaporizer kit is perfect for those who want to take the trouble out of finding the right vape. The kit includes all the basics you need to stop smoking and start vaping your favorite e-liquids!

    Kit Includes

    • 1 X VaporX XPS Lithium Ion Battery (650 MAH)
    • 1 X VaporX XL Tank Cartomizer
    • 1 X VaporX XPS USB Charging Cable
    • 1 X VaporX E-Juice (2ml)
  • FAQ

    How Do I Use My XPS?

    As with most pen vaporizers, the XPS is super easy to use. Refer to the full instructions located on the ‘User Guide’ tab, but here is a quick rundown on using the XPS :

    Charge the XPS - This could take a few hours the first time, but subsequent charges should not take longer than 45-60 minutes.

    Load the XPS - Loading the tank is easily done by unscrewing the mouthpiece from the XPS tank, and set the tank on a flat surface. Keep the tank vertical as you fill the tank with your liquid, making sure not to allow any liquid into the center tube. Stop filling long before the top mark or the liquid overflows into the center tube. After you replace the mouthpiece, make sure the wick is fully saturated by standing it vertically and allowing it to stand for two minutes. Avoid ‘dry firing’ by pressing the power button for one second, which should create just enough heat to allow the liquid to fully saturate the wick; then use as normal.

    Power up and draw - If the switch on the XPS is locked, unlock by pressing the button five times. This enables the power switch and the XPS is ready to use. Press the button and immediately begin drawing from the XPS . Draw until you have had your fill, or the ten-second shut off turns the atomizer off.

    Does the XPS Need to Heat Up?

    Nope, you are ready to go as soon as you are charged up!

    What Determines Vapor Quality?

    First and foremost its vital that you use the cleanest and purest liquids you can find. The XPS was designed for use with liquids that vaporize cleanly and leave no particulate behind. Since the XPS has only one temperature setting, its essentially foolproof. Press the button, and use until you have your fill or until the XPS shuts off automatically after 10 seconds.

    Is the XPS Compatible with Herb or Wax??

    The kit is designed for liquids however it uses a standard thread allowing you to use other dry herb and wax chambers (sold separately)

    Will The XPS Work on 240v?

    Yes, the included USB cable will charge from any powered USB port.

    What is the XPS Made From?

    The atomizer coil is nickel/aluminum-alloy, the wick is fiberglass, the tank is plastic, the body is made of steel. The XPS has a nickel/aluminum-alloy atomizer coil that surrounds a fiberglass wick.

    Will The XPS Overheat?

    Liquids love high temperatures, so you should not have an overheating issue!

    How Full Should The Tank Be?

    There are metered markings upto 1.6ml however we recommend you fill it no more than 1.2ml.

    Is There An Auto Shut Off?

    Yes, after ten seconds of use, the XPS will power off. There is also a safety on the power switch, clicking it five times turns off the power button, and repeating this turns the button back on. This is great if you have the XPS in your purse, or pocket, as it prevents it from going off accidentally and wasting your battery or worse.

    How Do I Replace The Atomizer?

    The XPS atomizers are not rebuildable but are easily replaceable. You can replace them very easily by disconnecting them from the battery, and replace with a new tank. The thread fits most CE and MT style tanks in addition to other chambers.

    What Kind Of Battery Does the XPS Use?

    The battery is a rechargeable Li-Ion 650mAh barrel battery. It has , and eGo threads.

    How Do I Know When It Needs to Charge?

    When the XPS Battery is in need of a charge, the power button will flash 3 times when pressed. At this time, connect the XPS Battery to the XPS Wired USB Charger (unscrew the tank from the XPS Battery). The XPS Wired USB Charger can be connected to either a compatible USB port or USB/AC wall adapter (not included). Once the red LED light turns green, the XPS Battery has been fully charged.

    How Long Does the XPS Need to Charge?

    According to Atmos, allow 3-4 hours charging time for the first 3-4 cycles. Then, it should only take about one hour to charge, depending on your charging source.

    How Should I Care for my XPS?

    Any liquid that may have spilled out or collected on the body of your XPS can be removed with a warm damp cloth.

    Within the atomizer of your XPS tank, the coil works to clean itself by burning off any residue that comes in contact with it. We don’t recommend using any type of liquid cleaning agent in the XPS tank, as doing so could cause it to malfunction. If you are having issues with the atomizer, namely a distinct change in aroma, please replace it. Atomizers do not last more than 4-5 weeks with normal use. Your experience will vary.

    The mouthpiece can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol until the buildup dissolves. Do not clean the rubber or silicone o-rings with alcohol, as it could damage the rubber. Remove o-ring with a non-sharp tool(toothpicks work well) then use warm soap and water to clean.

    How Long Do The Atmoizers Last?

    Under regular usage we recommend replacing the tank every 4-6 weeks.

  • Tips & Tricks

    • Do NOT Leave under high temperatures (ie in the car)
    • Temperatures below 40 degrees may cause damage
    • Replace your tank frequently for the best flavor
    • Screw the mouthpiece on securely to avoid leaks
    • Lock the unit when not in use
  • User Manuals

  • Videos

Item Details

Brand VaporX
Use With eLiquid
Delivery No
Compatible With: XLT Attachments
Battery Life 4-6 hrs
Thread Size 601
More Info No

Customer Reviews

Wanna quit smoking? This is working for me; over 2 weeks now, and no desire to smoke. Review by Charlie Bunting
Anything that get me to stop smoking cigarettes is a 5 STAR product in my book. I am very comfortable using this e-cig, and have no complaints. Cost? Who cares? It's cheap enough, and without all the negatives of smoking tobacco, the expense, smell, health concerns, inconvenience, etc. saves money, and it bothers no one. Easy (Posted on 12/16/14)
great product Review by catcrazylady
Bought it at a smoke shop for only $19.99
(Posted on 11/24/14)
See below Review by Sammy Torres
i enjoy this starter kit. works great (Posted on 10/2/14)
Love Mine Review by Max
Love mine! This product is excellent though! Use any juice you want!
Great Battery! Last one full day of literally non-stop puffing.
I am charging mine right now, the charge time is a little slow.
Great customer service as well!
If you buy this product you will totally love it! (Posted on 10/2/14)
xps Review by akwai1236
This one is a honest good buy its a really durable one and it doesn't look like the ones u get from the mall that are really cheap except you may want to change the fluid to another one if you are trying to do o's and etc (Posted on 6/3/14)
worth the loot Review by Joe Spinell
Good deivce, stop buying disposable e cigs! (Posted on 9/3/13)
Best vape for the buck Review by Tomer
I have shopped around & this is by far the best bang for the buck to get started with & this is also the best place to buy from.
Smoke shops charge $50 bucks or more for this same kit then, charge $10 for a 10ml. bottle.
I charge it each night & it lasts me all day, in fact one night I forgot to charge it & I got a day & 1/2 out of it. It might had lasted longer, I don't know.... I had not picked up a cigarette in over a month now. (Posted on 8/30/13)

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