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What The Heck Is A Vaporizer Pen!


There are different kinds of vape pens out there and choosing the right one for you could seem a bit overwhelming. We are going to go over the different kinds of vaporizers and why we chose the VaporX XRT as the best all around vape pen.

There are primarily 4 types of products that are used in vape pens. Some pens are specific to a particular product, for example waxy oils or essential oils while others come in kits that are easily changed from one to another. Let’s go over the 4 main types.


vaporx xlt vaporizer pen dry herb oil waxes

E-liquids are often used in cartomizer or e-liquid tanks and contain a flavored solution that produces a vapor. These e-liquids come in many flavors and with or without nicotine.E-liquid vaporizers were some of the first vaporizer pens to come to market with the intent of being a full fledged alternative to cigarettes.

Today e-liquid vapes are often multipurpose units that are capable of vaping different types of products. The VaporX XRT is able to vape e-liquids with the optional eliquid cartomizer. Our Kickstarter Kit comes with two eliquid tanks which also are able to be used for essential oils which we will cover below.


Essential Oils

vaporizer pens essential oil vaporizer

Essential Oils are often confused with e-liquids but these oils are much different! Essential oils are often aromatherapy oils with varying levels of viscosity. These diluted oils can be used in the e-liquid chambers or in specialized vaporizer pens.

Some companies in the United States are now legally making essential oils from medical marijuana, creating a growing niche for essential oil vaporizers. An important part of determining which vape is right for your oil, is determining how viscous (runny) the oil is. If it is a liquid (free flowing) then you can use the e-liquid chambers which viscous oils may require a specialized vaporizer pen.


using wax and waxy oils in portable vaporizer pens

Waxes are often used in vaporizers for treatment with medical marijuana. These waxes are made from concentrates from the plants active ingredient and are a much more potent and healthy way to intake the active compounds. There are several vaporizer pens made expressly for vaporizing waxes.

Our VaporX XRT includes a wax and waxy oil adapter meant to vaporize wax all in one unit. This adapter makes it easy to pack several at a time so you don’t need to hassle with filling them while your on the go!


Dry Herbs

best herbs to vaporize in vapor pens

A few new portable vaporizer pens also have the ability to vaporize small amounts of dry herb. The dried herbs used range from therapeutic aromatherapy blends to medical marijuana. Dry herb vaporizers like the XRT, have a heating element meant to heat the herb to a sufficient enough temperature to volatilize the active ingredients without combusting the herb.

This process is contingent upon proper airflow, so be sure not to pack your herb to tight! Typically dry herb vaporizer pens give about 4-5 strong inhalations of your herb after which the vaporizer may start to burn the material.Our VaporX XRT gives you the best of all worlds and is the most multi-functional vaporizer pen currently available!

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